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Experienced Roofing is a family owned and operated business right here in San Diego County. Owners Jose Carrasco Sr. and Jose Carrasco Jr working from their North County offices are personally working on every project they take on followed by their team of experienced and professional installers. 


Working together every day, The Carrasccos’ have established an excellent group with work  standards and great attention to detail just like their own. “Let’s do it right the first time as if our family lived here.” 

Here at Experienced Roofing, we strive not to just offer the best quality work but also build relationships with families. Together with the homeowner, we can ensure your roofs integrity with quality roofing for decades to come. 


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Our staff is highly experienced in all aspects of New Roofs, Roofing Repair, Custom Metal Fabrication and Seamless Raingutters. 


While wood shingles might be a suitable roofing material in some areas of the country, here in Southern California this is not the case. New composite materials can provide the classic look you desire with the protection your family deserves.

MANY CLIENTS SAY:  “We Have a Small Leak in the…”

With over 25 years experience, we have seen simple repairs develope into homes needing a new roof. Moisture is EVIL. A small leak allows water to creep under the roofing material, on to the decking and this can create mold, meadow, rout and this jeopardizes the  structural safety of the entire house. With a FREE INSPECTION.materialsced Roofing can investigate and find the source of the problem and suggest the best course of action to protect your personal property.


Some of the more common meterials are: Shingles • Asphalt Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Traditional Tile • APP Bitumen Membrane • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Single Ply Membrane • Custom Metal Roofing • Custome Metal Fabrication • Deck Water Proofing • Seamless Raingutters